The Boredless Tourist Project needs attention

I’ve gotten halfway through this Python project and I’m not going any further.

The instructions for this project are a mess. I can complete them all individually, but they give no sense of why we’re doing any of this – it doesn’t place the step in the larger context of the project. Also, the words destination and location seem to be used interchangeably, but not consistently, so the function get_traveler_location returns destination_index. The implication seems to be that the traveler’s current location is the same as her destination. This is not intuitive. Wouldn’t it be simpler (and save keystrokes when creating all these variables) to use neither “destination” nor “location” but rather “city”?

So I get to Step 32, which says: "If the destination does exist, then we already have a list for it in attractions". At this point, attractions is a list of empty lists, so I don’t know what you mean “we already have a list for it”. We have an empty list for the attraction? Sure, but to what end?

I don’t believe for a second that this project represents the simplest way of accomplishing the goal of recommending attractions based on interest and location. But hey, I figure: that’s what the walkthrough video is for. Here is the walkthrough video:

Please watch that video and tell me with a straight face that it’s worth paying for. Codecademy recently increased the price of their Pro subscriptions, and this is the level of quality that we’re paying for? Try to watch as much of the video as you can, from the beginning. How far did you get? It’s physically painful to watch.

If you’re going to give me a 90-minute video to walk me through a poorly-explained project, don’t give me some random programmer speaking off the cuff in monotone. Give me an educator who has scripted their video in advance to be engaging and informative.

How much would you pay for the chance to engage in this project and watch this video? What is it worth? Is this the standard Codecademy has for its Pro curriculum and support videos?

The idea of a project is fantastic: it could teach you to think beyond simple exercises. But if a project is just chaining together a string of exercises that happen to all do something together in the end, it’s not helpful. I just created some function that returns some value because you told me to. The difference between “Now let’s create a function called add_attraction() . This function should take two parameters: destination , the name of the location and attraction , the attraction.” and “Before we can recommend attractions, we have to build up a list of attractions for each city. To do that, we’ll create a new function…” is huge. In the first case, I’m just doing what you’re telling me with no real sense of why. In the second one, I’m coding with a purpose and an understanding of how this function fits into the larger project.

I paid for a full year of Pro, so I’m hoping beyond hope that the poor quality of this project is the exception rather than the rule. Please revisit this project – I’m certain its current state does not represent the best Codecademy can do.

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This project is a really bad way to reinforce the concepts learned in this section. I echo joelhowe’s comments that it’s merely a bunch of piecemeal steps. Once again, new concepts are being introduced like try/catch for the first time in what I thought was a review of the materials learned in past sections. I am really disappointed to date with the Codecademy/Pro and think I might have made a bad choice in going with Codecademy.