The bordeless tourist error

i have this error :expressionless:
> $ python3
> File “”, line 48
> for interest in interests:
> ^
> IndentationError: unindent does not match any outer indentation level

the code:

for attraction in attractions_in_city:

    possible_attraction = attraction

    attraction_tags = attraction[1]

 for interest in interests:

   if interest in attraction_tags:          



     return attractions_with_interest


  la_arts =  find_attractions("Los Angeles, USA",['art'])



You need to use consistent indentation of either two or four spaces, double check the number of spaces worth of indentation you are using on the line that’s throwing the error and the line below. You may just want to run through the project and make sure you are using consistent indentation throughout, it’s the kind of thing Python is very fussy about. :slight_smile: