The big picture with code learning websites

I’m on a coding journey and I’ve spent the last 8 months learning code across multiple learning sites and I’ve encountered a very frustrating trend. the problem being that these sites almost entirely focus on the smaller picture as in you will know the code itself and that’s it. they don’t focus on the bigger picture other than git and the command line as a side note.After that it’s up to YOU to learn all the the developer tools that help you write code from scratch and you have to learn how to set it up so Employers can demo your projects . I just feel like if an employer is on the other side of a river, code learning sites will give you a paddle, then it’s up to you as a developer to get a boat so you can paddle across.

Could you share some examples for the bigger picture that you think is not provided?
What developer tools in particular are you referring to?

Edit: And congrats on studying code for 8 months!!! you are ready!

Thank you so much, i’m actually gonna create a resume and portfolio site by the end of the month . when referencing the bigger picture I’m talking downloading and using text editors, project managers, module bunders, task runners, (formatters/linters) for javascript, and how to set up a portfolio site from start to finish. When it comes to code learning sites the code itself is covered, any tools related to the code is either a side note or even worse not even in the lesson at all.

Ah! Now I see. Yes, the idea is that you will learn all the rest on your own at the workplace.
Sorta like how you go to school to learn finance when you are in credit card debt. But, not as severe.