The big If


my code isnt working i dont know why can people please help im 15 and just started programming 3 days ago so dont judge plez

def the_flying_circus():
if 16 == 16 and 2 < 4:
return True
return False

elif:  16!=16:
    print "how"



Don't worry, I am turning 19 this year and I just started learning programming :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, for your code, the main problem is that you placed a : colon right after your elif statement:

You should remove the extra colon present, and just leave one after the 16 != 16 bit :slight_smile:

And also, your else statement should come last. This means that you should have done your if statement, followed by elif statement, and lastly the else statement, because your else statement does not contain any additional conditions to fulfill whereas elif statements do :slight_smile:

Give it another shot!