The Big If


It doesn't work when it looks like it should

I want it to actually work.

def the_flying_circus():
    if 2 == 2 and 2 == 2:    
        print "Hello Mom"
    elif 2 == 2**1: 
        print "Gosh Darnit"    
        print "You Failed"


You are required to use the return statement instead of a print statement...
The Instructions:

the_flying_circus(). It must include:
01. if, elif, and else statements;
02. At least one of and, or, or not;
03. A comparator (==, !=, <, <=, >, or >=);
04. Finally, the_flying_circus() must return True when evaluated.


The task isn't explained very well. The return hasn't been used prior in the course and it is, therefore, difficult to understand what the course expects you to return. The above example works when changed as follows:

def the_flying_circus():
    if 2 == 2 and 2 == 2:    
        return True
    elif 2 == 2**1: 
        return "Gosh Darnit"    
        return "You Failed"


it still didn't work after writing return! It came up with:

File "python", line 4
return "ok"
IndentationError: unindent does not match any outer indentation level


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