The big if


this is my code but it doesn't seem to be working please explain to me what i have done wrong

def the_flying_circus():
    if answer == 1000 :
        return True        
    elif answer <=1000 :
        return False
        else answer >=1000 :
            return True
then this is the error it has come up with 
  File "python", line 7
    else answer >=1000 :
SyntaxError: invalid syntax


First, in seeing your answer, you didn't follow the initial instructions. There is no and, or, or not

Also, in my code, I only had return True for "if." It would not make sense to have two options to return True, especially in the else scenario.

Finally, and this was one problem I had with the way code academy had this setup, was in the prior screen "99 Problems," they allowed answer to be substituted for the def, I.E. the_flying_circus(answer), which was then used as a variable throughout.

When I tried doing that here, it gave me an error. In this case, I simply substituted the actual def i.e. the_flying_circus and didn't use answer.

Sorry if that's not clear. My code is below. Any feedback is appreciated as I'm not sure how clean it is.


I actually decided to re-do my code to make it cleaner after reading the forums on here. It seems that (correct me if I'm wrong) the_flying_circus_ is just the name of the project.

You have to set a variable which essentially acts as the definition for what you are looking to answer in regards to the_flying_circus. Revised code below.