The Big If


I am stuck.. what to do!?


Sometimes going back to look at your previous exercises isn't a bad choice, the if/elif/else statement is not right and what it returns is wrong. Lets go for phases:

  • if, elif, and else statements;

You are good with this one, let's go ahead.

  • At least one of and, or, or not;

You've done this aswell, next:

  • A comparator (==, !=, <, <=, >, or >=);

You've used them right, but do you mind to check your operations a bit? are you really sure 15 is GREATER or equal than 64? same for your elif are you sure 5 is GREATER or equal than 9? can you be 100% sure your if and elif will evaluate True? now here your problem approaching:

  • Finally, the_flying_circus() must return True when evaluated.

Your if and elif doesn't return True in both of the cases. Check it out properly and give another look to the previous exercises, it doesn't hurt but just helps! Let me know if you need any other help :smile:


So simply, all you must do, is to use only True or False, and replace print with return, like I have done in the following picture.