The big if



Hey @systemsurfer02732! So this is your problem. Your suppose to return false. And for the if statement in the conidition there is suppose to be a AND OR or NOT comparand?


Hi there (' @systemsurfer02732 '),

Here a few things you can do to stop the error and get to the next lesson,

  • you need to add " : " after you defined the_flying_circus()

  • you need to return not print

  • maybe?? instead of putting the_flying_circus == True/ False
    you can try and put, if/elif ( x comparator y): return boolean or a condition that evaluates to a boolean (etc.) x and y are just their to represent numbers, and comparator is there to represent a comparator like < , > or == (etc.)

  • also make sure it evaluates to True

  • Make sure to include at least one of these

    and , or , or not


Can you help me? I couldn't think of what to do that is correct.


Make sure that the_flying_circus() returns True

def the_flying_circus():
if 1 and 2 == 3:
return True# Start coding here!
# Don't forget to indent
# the code inside this block!
elif 1 and 2 != 3:
return not False
# Keep going here.
# You'll want to add the else statement, too!

    print yes