The Big If

hey guys I am completely new to coding. If someone could help me out on this section I will be soo happy!

Thank you in advanced!

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The function should return True and you print it which is not right. As per the exercise,the function should return true and there is no need to print it… I have written the code as below

def the_flying_circus():

if 20 > 10 :
return True
elif(20 <10) or (20==10):
return False
return True


it says “expected an indented block” how do i fix this?

your forgetting a function on the line after it specifies… if it says expected indent block 6, then you are forgetting function on line 7,… dont forget to indent function.

ps. (i had this problem on last exercise)

I am facing a similar problem. Can someone tell me whats wrong with my code. It’s been boggling me for hours

Make sure that the_flying_circus() returns True

def the_flying_circus():
if (2 > 1) or (5 > 4): # Start coding here!
return “True”
elif 5 > 7:
return “False”
else :
return “True”

Remove the quotation marks around your booleans (True, False).

what question marks?

Alright thanks. I’ll try that :slight_smile:

Quotation marks = "

Finally it worked! Thanks a ton!

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Good job! no problem!

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