The Big If - the_flying_circus should not take any arguments


Why do I keep getting an error saying "the_flying_circus should not take any arguments"?

# Make sure that the_flying_circus() returns True
def the_flying_circus(answer): 
    if answer > 8 and answer < 9:   
        return True
    elif answer <= 7:
        return True
        return "Oh well"
print the_flying_circus(8)
print the_flying_circus(8.5)
print the_flying_circus(6)


The parameter, answer is an argument. Just remove it from the code. Don't pass any to the function, either.


This worked. Thank you!


what do u do instead


You can write it however you like so long as you match the instructions. Use control flow operators, either comparison or boolean, use both elif and else in your statement, and return True, only.