The Big If error


The Big If

It gives me an error message of
Oops, try again. The following exception was raised when calling the_flying_circus(): TypeError: 'int' object is not callable
this is an error I've never seen before but I think it has to do with the def the_flying_circus: that comes default in the code.

# Make sure that the_flying_circus() returns True
the_flying_circus = True
def the_flying_circus():
    if 4 < 5 and not 6 > 7():
        print the_flying_circus
    elif the_flying_circus(False):
        print "False"
         print 'the_flying_circus'


First of all, I don't recommend having the same name used for a variable and a function. It adds to confusions as in are you trying to call the function in the function or using the variable?


Why is there an empty bracket beside the number?

You need to return True. Not print.


You must return your value as well.


Thanks, i've gotten through it now just by taken the template in the instructions and changing it around to be formatted for the_flying_circus problem


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