The Big If does not print anything to the console


I completed " The Big If" but am concerned that nothing is being printed to the console. The assignment notes that I completed it but nothing is printing to the screen. Is this normal? What could the issue be?


def the_flying_circus():
    if (3 > 5):    
        print "That\'s Nifty"
    elif True or False:
        print "Look at it fly!"
        print "That sucks"
    return True
    print the_flying_circus()


Your print command should not be indented; right now it is showing up as part of the function (the_flying_circus)


Removing the indent is breaking the code. You can see in the hint that the indent is present for the print command as-well.


@overcantor was talking about your last print statement:

print the_flying_circus()

Remove the indent on that line and you'll see your results being printed.


Ah that make more sense!

Got it, thanks!


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