The best program to code in mac?


Please I'm new in coding. what can you recommend me for code in mac?

I was searching and found some recommendation:



Sublime Text is very popular at my school. I personally use Vim, but you might not like it very much unless you put some effort into learning how to use it.


You had to pay for Sublime Text, right?


If someone had to pay it wasn't us but the school.

On their official website it says:

Sublime Text may be downloaded and evaluated for free, however a license
 must be purchased for continued use. There is no enforced time limit 
for the evaluation.


Huh! Interesting... Maybe it's Sublime Text 2. I don't know. Do you go to a special school for Programming or..? Sounds cool.


It's kind of special yes. It's a private school which provides programming courses for free. Anyone can apply from 18 to 30 years old, regardless of your degrees or diplomas. It's in France though.


Wow! That's awesome! Yea I don't live in France :relaxed: Nor am I 18


I'm sure there are similar things in other countries, but I guess it's not easy to find.


True, I'm going to a programming school in a few years called Launch Academy Learn to Code the Human Way


Sounds great. 10 weeks would be too short for me though.


Very true, that's why I'm gonna do as much programming I can within the next 2 years. Do you know of anyone who has stared Codeacademy Pro? I'm interested in seeing how it works.


No, sorry. You can try asking to the leaders:


Ok, thanks! :grinning:


Hi arjofocolovi,

I just caught your topic, what school are you going to in france? I am want to take a coding course and wanted to know what the catch is with your school.
May I have the name and do some reaseach?


atom is a pretty decent text editor, I have only used it for ruby so far.


Hi @antonietteyap.

The school is called 42:

There's no catch. It's a school opened to anyone from 18 to 30 yo people (some exceptions have been made for minors but I don't know the details), regardless of your degrees or school level. It's for free, except that you have to pass a one month long evaluation there in order to be selected (a kind of competitive exam if you want, but spread on a one month period ^^). To gain access to this evaluation, you need to pass a few online tests (which are only logical tests). There are 3 to 5 sessions of evaluation each year, during summer. From what I know there are no particular restrictions to foreign students, we already have a few there.

The conditions of the one month evaluation are quite tough, the amount of work, the frequencies of the exercises and the one month long (28 days non-stop) makes it a bit challenging. Each day of the evaluation introduces a new concept. There are also 4 exams, once per week, which contribute a lot to your final grade because for those you're not allowed any external resource other than what you learned, in order to monitor your real progress.

The only "catch" is that you're considered autonomous in your learning, it has nothing to do with the classic system with teachers giving course to students listening: here there are a few short videos on key concepts and then you're on your own to do the exercises/projects, you have the right to ask help to any student, you can even do the projects in groups, you have unlimited access to the Internet for your research, the only real thing to be considered "cheating" is to either provide a code you didn't make yourself or a code that you don't understand (which are often the same cases ^^). You can also work on your own time, the school is opened 24/7 and you can spend as much time as you want on a project (of course the length of your whole learning will suffer if you spend too much time on each project). In other words, you're teaching yourself, they only provide the tools and the infrastructure to do so.

Another thing is that you're not graded by teachers but by students (who follow a grading scale provided by the school), it's a peer-reviewing process. You're always corrected several times by different students chosen randomly. It allows students to exchange their views on technical notions directly and to discuss the pros and cons of the solutions available to solve a particular problem.

The school is extremely new, it opened in 2013, and it already changed a lot of its learning environment. I don't know if the things you'll read about it will still be up to date, but you're welcome to do your own research if you want.


Heard good things about atom as well, didn't try it yet.


you dont have to pay for sublime, but every now and then when you save your code it asks you to buy the license, but you could just click cancel and keep on coding


Oh okay :smile: Thanks, I appreciate it


I know this topic is old, but Brackets is quite a good editor. I switched to it from NP++ and I think it looks a lot nicer, it also has predictive text so I don't have to write huge pieces of code, I can just type a few letters then press enter. I think it's definitely worth a try. (It's free for all major OS's too btw.)