The Best of Reddit - my reddit portfolio project - Feedback welcome!

This project was a good challenge! I took the route of displaying only “the best” of reddit (the 20 most popular subreddits, the “best” page, and the “top” and “hot” options).

It took a bit to understand the structure of the JSON data and to determine which data would display the results I was looking for. Definitely felt accomplished once I got posts, images, and videos to display properly!

Here is the link to the live site:

And the GitHub repo:

Any feedback welcome!


It’s amazing what you did in this reddit project. I have been preparing it for quite a while, but it still seems challenging for me. I go straight to my question: where can you get the api reddit in this project such as the following link from your postSlice.js folder:
const response = await fetch(‘’);
const response = await fetch(${}.json);
url =${}/${button}.json;


Thanks for your comment! Most of the reddit APIs are just the link with .json at the end so if you go to a page on reddit and want that page in json you just add .json to the end. the difference is with the search feature, the .json goes after search instead of at the very end of the link

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