The best code editor

A funny thing happened. I started the Web Development class 5 months ago and downloaded the recommended code editor. I no longer use that computer and have been using the code environment provided by the lessons.

Now that I am on a react.js project, I need to use the code editor, but on my new computer.

Do you guys remember the recommended code editor used by CodeAcademy?


Hey net3251675480,

There are several what that they recommend and depend on what kind of project are you working on, but I think it could Visual Studio or Atom and there are other great ones also.

Check these out:

I hope that answers your questions and best of lucks!

Hello @net3251675480!! Welcome to the forums!!

Like @s.sumampouw said Visual Studio is a great one. It has a lot more features than the others I have tried, such as a built in terminal, debugger, and output.
The only problem for me is I find it runs a little slow at times, but that might just be me.

I use usually use sublime, because it opens and runs faster, and I can keep my terminal open at the same time to run files, but that is a personal preference.

If you have the space on your computer, which I would guess you do if it is new, I recommend getting a few of the listed ones, so you can find your personal taste.

Fun Fact

Did you know you can actually use a notepad as a text editor if it lets you save with your choice of file extension?

I like to use Codelobster for coding web projects