The Answer to Life


Just an interesting thought, but we all know that the mathematical term pi (3.141592...) goes on forever, and never ends, right? That means that every possible solution for everyting is hidden in Pi. The cure for cancer, vaccines for Ebola, the perfect structure for a superhuman, even when the earth will "die" is in there. If we think of it, Pi is quite literally the answer to life. While people search for the magical philosophy that will bring them the answer to life, they had it right in front of them the entire time, they simply had to see it from a different perspective. Who would have thought?


Did you just figure that out yourself? That's amazing.. and technically true!


Yeah, I figured it out myself. :slight_smile: That's what happens when you're in a long car ride to Broadcom Masters with absolutely nothing to do .


Well, it's theoretically true. And although I figured it out myself, I wasn't the only one. This article bases it off of a single person's life rather than my theory about life in general. Take a look:

Is Your Entire Life History Really Encoded In the Digits of Pi?


Im not a smart person so im gonna say "WOW" :no_mouth:


Haha.....neither am I. :wink: This is the result of isolation for 4 hours, your mind wanders and you really start thinking about how things connect and relate with each other.


This was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you. :slight_smile: