The 2023 S.O. Developer Survey results are in

If you’re a data person (or not), it’s an interesting read. I was a bit disappointed that the only demographic information available for developers/learners was age. In previous years they also included other demographics–gender, race, sex. I think that’s still important information to have when surveying the developer landscape to see where things fall short and could be improved in regards to accessibility for all.

Key takeaways (imo):

  • Javascript is the most popular technology amongst professional developers. Amongst people learning to code: HTML (60.73%) vs. JS (60.51%), and Python (56.57%).

  • I always like reading the most “admired & desired” technologies section (which is programming, scripting, and markup languages). Rust is the most admired language. Fortran & Cobol are still on the list.

  • There’s a cool viz in the “Worked with vs. want to work with” section.

  • The Salary and Salary & Experience by Dev. type sections are worth a look too.

Anyway, happy reading! :woman_technologist: :technologist: