Thanks Codecademy | Sneak-peek into my 3-month learning journey

3 months back I joined Codecademy to learn tech-skills, the journey has been beautiful! Here is what you can look up to, in case you are joining Codecademy as a learner, based on my experience.

@Codecademy team Thank you so much for the generous opportunity, making a difference in my learning journey.

As I studied, coded, and interacted with fellow colleagues and completed projects, I have developed foundational coding skills. It was simple and effective, with a team of fellow peers and Codecademy team always there to help.

Got stuck a number of times, but developed the ability to debug and make the code work to achieve the goal through the challenges encountered.

Happy to share that I accomplished the following within my learning goals:

  • Learnt SQL, Python and basics of machine learning models
  • Learnt A-frame
    [Almost done with R visualization and machine learning]

Hope to get started with web development as well.

Surely there is so much more learning to do and practice to get better, but Codecademy has definitely been a great catalyst in the journey.
Love how everyone from peers to the team is so helpful.
Thanks for orchestrating such a wonderful learning experience :smiley:
Grateful for the opportunity.



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