Thank you Codecademy!

Hello guys!

I would love to express my gratitude to the developers of this website and also tell you a little story how Codecademy affected me personally. My first contact with coding was already at university (civil engineering) where I started to write some basic scripts on my Texas Nspire calculator, from there I have moved on to Python and Visual Scripting (Dynamo) where I have also done my masters degree.

After finishing university, I was offered a job at a big software development company in Europe, called Nemetschek to work for one of their brands called Allplan. My first work there was as a Technical Consultant, but because I was always fascinated by software development it was the perfect opportunity to learn how everything fits together. In 2020 after Covid-19 hit, we were force to work from home, so I had more spare time and I have joined Codecademy-Pro, which has really changed my life. After 7 months of learning everyday here at Codecademy, reading books, trying my own projects. I was given the opportunity from head of development to join the development team, because they were amazed how much was able to learn in such a short time. And for this I would like to thank you guys, you gave me the inspiriation, motivation and knowledge… And it all started with the 30-day coding challenge. In addition it also made it possible for me to start a side business doing web development. Thank you! I would never have done it without Codecademy!! Cheers!


All the best man. An inspiring story indeed. I am on a similar road but in a different role as a growth marketer.


Code academy truly has helped me too, I really think it helps me, and almost anyone that uses is. Good luck. :slight_smile:


Wow, what a story!
As @rscoder2020 said, all the best man.


Great story! Very encouraging. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

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