"Textarea" is appearing when I try to add default text

When trying to add default text to a text box, I am using the following code, textarea Adding default text /textarea. Unfortunately, the default text that appears within the textbox is, " Adding default text". What am I dong wrong? I’m sure I am missing something very simple here… I’d appreciate any pointers! Thanks.


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Hello, @micahprock.

It appears you tried to post some HTML. Please see and follow the guidelines in this post, so your code will show up: How do I format code in my posts?

Hey @micahprock,

Anything you type between the opening and closing tags is read by the HTML as text to be displayed (just like a paragraph element or a h1 element). This is not considered syntax / code but merely text.

Hence the text area is showing “Adding default text”.

You can make the text area display anything you like. How about “I want cake!”.

<textarea id="extra" name="extra" rows="3" cols="40">I want cake!</textarea>

The text being shown inside the text area is “I want cake!”.


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