Text Editor

I have a question.
What is the best text editor? I started coding python, and i want to be able to run the program inside the editor.

I personally use vim for most of my “work”, but I think you aren’t looking for something like that.
There’s a plugin for gedit that gives you access to a Python interpreter within the text editor. There’s another plugin for gedit that gives you a bash prompt within the editor.

Maybe you’d also like an IDE like Pycharm and stuff like that. Can slow your system down quite a bit but you get a lot of stuff to help you coding.

EDIT: There is no such thing as “best text editor”. You’ll have to try different editors until you find the one that suits you or just stick with the one you already got.

I tried PyCharm some minutes ago, but I can’t type " ț "
It’s a Romanian diacritic and I want to use it, i must press alt + t, there are also for other letters, something shows up
how to disable that thing showing up?
The free version is ok but a little bit complicated, I need to get used to it
Also ty
Screenshot with what shows up:

Also where is that Preferances?
EDIT : Alt+T shows me the tools tab
Maybe you have another program to recommend?

I personally don’t use PyCharm(actually I used it once with a portuguese keyboard), but what I would do is change the keyboard shortcuts(so first step is probably finding the preferences tab). So you can use alt+letter.

PyCharm is the one IDE most Python developers that use an IDE I know use.
Most people I know don’t use IDEs because they are clunky and slow. You may want to look at the altenativeto.net page for PyCharm to see some recommendations from other users.

Emacs is also often used by developers. It’s not an IDE but an extremely extensible text editor(with extremely extensible I mean that you can use it in whatever way by extending it. It can even send emails!).

Also IDK what’s going on with python IDLE
i used it to test the code today but it doesn’t open now

Resolved with IDLE
but i can’t install it?

What happens if you try to launch it? :

$ python [put path to idle here]

Also what OS are you using?
And what are you not able to install(i had some difficulties understanding what you meant in the last 2 posts)?

IDLE is working, reinstalled it

Where can I find preferances?
Also I am using Windows 7 if there will be another problems, 32 bit

Go to File | Settings (PyCharm | Preferences for macOS users) to see the list of available customization options.

-From the quick start guide for Pycharm

I would look into File > Settings.

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\so much help…
Are you idiot?
Tell me where to look exactly
I know in the settings…

As I said I’m not currently using it. So, I can’t really help you much. You could use your favorite search engine and search for a document that might help you.
Here’s a good source for information: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/pycharm/quick-start-guide.html