Text editor won't update after controller is made in command prompt (with ruby and rails)


So I've started experimenting with Ruby outside of codeacademy. I'm using sublime text 3 as the text editor. Made a new rails app named blog. Then I moved the Sublime Text editor into the blog folder, opened the Sublime editor and dragged all the files made under blog into the editor.
So at this point, I have a local host screen that renders showing that I've made it into Ruby. A terminal(Command Prompt with Ruby and rails, downloaded from http://railsinstaller.org; 2.3.3) and a text editor with the blog folder (and everything else made when making a rails application). In the terminal, I made a controller with an action called 'welcome index'. The process renders in the terminal and the file is clearly shown in the terminal when I changed directories to make sure the welcome controller, alongside the index.html.erb (under app/views/welcome) is created. (They were).
When I transfer over the text editor however, there is no new controller made or a 'welcome' folder under 'views'. How can I update the text editor after every action made in the terminal? (Which should of course update in the view window)
Also, I've added .bundle, .gem, and .ssh folders into the text editor.
Thanks very much.


@johndueno The course creates these folders and files automatically for you, but in outside of the Codecademy environment you'll need to do it yourself. You could take a look at the rails scaffold command though, or passing in views you'd like to a controller like rails generate controller Welcome index show.

Also take a look at the official guides, such as http://guides.rubyonrails.org/getting_started.html