Text Editor and Command Line Terminology

Please help me understand something. When working in Codecademy, the code we write (the input), is written in what would be (outside of Codecademy) a text-editor right? Is the small screen on the right where the output is printed out what would be considered the command line? Are the command line, terminal, and console the same thing? Thank you in advance.

“command line” is a rather broad term. Anything that accepts commands, executes it, and then wait for next command, fits that description. It’s a bit like saying “window” in a graphical environment.

Terminal… in the literal sense is something that connects to the actual computer. What we use today is terminal emulators, but that’s a mouthful. That’s the program that shows you text from programs and sends your keystrokes to them.

My text editor of choice runs runs in the terminal. A terminal can display text and read keystrokes, what else could one possibly wish for?!

If you open a terminal on a machine that runs linux, then you will most likely start a bash session. Bash is a glue language for controlling the computer, running commands and other programs. While bash waits for your input, there is a program called readline that draws a cursor at the bottom of the terminal and lets you type in letters, erase them, move the cursor, search command history etc. readline is also used by several other command-line programs where the user interactively types in commands.

No, you would use a text-editor to write a file (html file, js file, python file)

That depends on the course, for javascript this would be the console (web console - MDN)

But for many other courses it would be considered the command line.

no, they are not. A terminal window is what gives you access the command line.

I am going to make an assumption: You use windows as your operating system. Windows can only run in GUI (graphical user interface) mode. (wikipedia - GUI)

So you need a terminal window access the command line. However, some operating system like linux (or older windows versions, the ones which simply didn’t have a GUI yet) can run only command line, we call this CLI (command line interface)

So instead of just a terminal window in your graphical environment, you only have command line (only command to type, no icons to click)

Thank you for the responses. I am using Windows. I just got set up with Cloud9 to avoid the previous issues I was having installing Ruby onto my computer. Looking at the screen on Cloud9 (bear with me here), I have a window where I write my code into a file. This would be the text-editor right? Then I have an open terminal below that opens Bash when I open a new terminal. So the terminal (Bash in this case) is where I will print the results of the code I have written?

@andycaree It would help if you would post a screenshot of the window, so people don’t just have to guess what you’re describing.

So the terminal (Bash in this case) is where I will print the results of the code I have written?

It depends on which language you’re writing in, and how you’re running your code. But yes, depending on how you run your code, that is correct.

If you’re writing a webpage, you would use the virtual browser instead of the terminal, and I’m not sure about Cloud9 + native apps.