Text-decoration - none not working in tutorial


I can't proceed it keeps saying I have not changed the text-decoration to none. I have refreshed the browser and the tutorial. But still can't proceed.

text-decoration: none;


If you are using Chrome, I suggest switching browsers to Firefox or IE.


Thank you, I will do.


Happening for me too. Happened in a previous exercise and I had to switch to Safari. Now it will not work in either browser. Can someone please fix these bugs?


try using firefox. it worked for me


bug is still there. It worked on IE, not on chrome. Now it won't work on IE either.


I think they have a bug for testing 'text-decoration:none;' on all exercises. At least on Chrome.


I've been switching back and forth between firefox and chrome for a number of situations like this. Frustrating but hopefully ammended in the new course.


i think codecademy hate chrome.... or maybe chrome hate codecademy hahaha
just kidding

all lesson with text-decoration using chrome always get wrong messages


you can ignore that section and go next level


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