Text-decoration: none; bug

Guys make sure to check for extensions/addons in the browsers, like blockers and security ones.

Had Avira Security stuff turned on in chrome and firefox, when i disabled it all went well.

Also when addon was turned on half of the code which should be shown in start page was missing.

Hope this helps.

It is happening mainly because of display setting on Windows.

just Change the Size of text, apps and other items to 100%. Also set your Browser to 100%.

Me to
I tried many time but same error everytime

I switch to Firefox and it worked…

text-decoration: none;

Clear the space in front of the colon as in the text above!

I tried everything pa still not working. Anyone have some other solution?

Have you tried switching to different browsers other than Chome?
This exercise have some issues with chrome.

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I tried Firefo,Safari,Opera and nothing works.

Try Internet Explorer!
I did it with this browser.

Weird though.
It should have worked.

What about IE?
If I find threads that have different solution than changing browsers, I’d link here.
Try clearing history and all.
Log in again and try on IE.

Same Error on chrome.

Chrome have some problem with it, what about IE/FireFox/Safari ? Try them.

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Yes its working with Firefox.

Still nothing, tried IE but still same error :confused:

Agreed, I had the same problem, switched to IE and it worked perfectly

Same problem. I’ve tried every browser, cleared history, but nothing works.

Check your code again (It might be buggy?), Cus for most people Its working either on IE or FireFox.

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yes its work with firefox - thanks

I have the same error. I can’t get the Oops, try again. Did you remember to set your link’s text-decoration to none;?

Tried to switch browsers ? (IE/Safari/FireFox)

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