Text-decoration: none; bug



I'm on Links and text decoration under CSS: An Overview in the HTML & CSS course.

When I click on 'submit' I get the following error

Oops, try again. Did you remember to set your link's text-decoration to none;?

Here's my code.

a {


Hi @simrandehal,
switch your browser to FireFox/IE!


Guys I am tried but it shows same error


I get the same error, is this a bug?


Have you tried it on different browser? (Other than Chrome)


I get the same error message(on chrome)


This particular section have some browser issues(specially with chrome)
So try FireFox/IE.


I am having the same problem with 'text-decoration: none;'

I've tried other browsers but didn't help :confused:


Yes switch to Firefox. It worked

Confusing error during CSS styling

Also "Avast Safe Zone Browser" worked successfully.


Yeah it's a browser problem. If your using chrome then change it to Mozilla or edge or avast safe zone. It works. At least worked in my case perfectly. I used avast safe zone and it worked.


I've got the problem in chrome and in fire-fox. Had to switch to edge (ugh, BING!).


I get the same error, and i'm on firefox --- get the same error on IE


I've switched to Mozilla Firefox - it worked:))


Its the problem with chrome. Worked fine with Microsoft edge (browser). @simrandehal


Also works on Safari


I've switched to Mozilla Firefox - it worked to me


Try it on Microsoft edge or Avast Safezone hopefully will be fixed.


I can't get FireFox on this laptop I am working on fr reasons unimportant. I am working with chrome and I have the same problem.

I just have one question: if this is an online academy, why is the bug there to begin with?

The developers should have fixed it by now. I can't go on with the course and this is the last step to it.

This should compatible with all browsers.


Any chance of a fix for this? Other than using a different browser? I'm learning HTML/CSS for work on a work computer and I can't download other browsers on this machine.

Or maybe just a way to mark the lesson as completed?