Text-decoration error

text-decoration doesn’t work in any of the lessons, what can solve this problem

I agree. I’m having the same problem. I believe :

li a {
text-decoration: none;
font-family: cursive;

should be the correct answer but an error happens each time.

See if this helps: Error with Swinging from branch to branch

I’m having the same issue. That link didn’t help, either. The error states that the text-decoration has been removed from the link outside the unordered list, which definitely has not happened.

My code looks identical to the hint, adding the ul selector doesn’t work, pretty sure this is just broken.

@nathanschutte @unicornpilot
Did any of you try it in Firefox or IE? This solved the problem for me. My code was using li > p and it cleared on IE, but not Chrome.

why I use safari, it work, but in chrome, it doesn’t?

My advice to those having this type of issue is that they should try another browser, because i was having this type of problem with fire fox but after trying it on chrome it became a story.

Hope my advice will help.

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