Text-decoration bug with Chrome


Error with CSS text-decoration code. I was able to progress only when switching to FireFox and logging in at the same lesson. I used the exact same code there was no error. Definitely a browser issue.

Links and text decoration

text-decoration css code is correct but error persists in Chrome browser

a {
    text-decoration: none;
    color: #CC0000;


Here is a repeat of the error in a later lesson:

Once again, when I switched back to Firefox it was fine.

It is not conducive to a good experience when I need to use two browsers to progress past errors.


How can i cross this level.I can’t go to the next topic for this error .How can i run this code in fire fox.Please help i waste a lot time for this error.

Class fancy not working

I’ve had the same exact problem, and it seems to be a problem with either chrome, or the implementation of the way code is checked not working with chrome.
Currently there is no fix for the chrome browser, however, if you are seriously stuck, you may have to use another browser for at least two problems. P.S. Sorry there is nothing I can do personally about this, however hopefully this post receives decent attention, and will be fixed in the future.


hey it is so simple you can try it ni different browser like Mozilla.


The purpose of my post was to highlight the problem while providing the solution you mention, which is to paste the current url into another browser and continue. My hope is that someone will fix this issue for future users.


I tried to get past this glitch in Firefox, and it still didn’t work. Since I can’t get past this level, I guess I’ll be finished with Codeacademy and try a different site…


Two days and still no fix, I ain’t downloading new browser just so I can submit my code…


Who has just one browser on their pc? Should have at least a couple. Anyways, this works on Edge as well.


If you copy the current URL from the page you’re working on, then open another browser and paste it in, then hit enter, you will be able to continue.


I copied the code from Chrome to Firefox and it worked. Hope the issue will be fix soon


You’re welcome. I hope it gets fixed as well.


Please fix the bug. I can’t get past the level


I am having the same issue in both chrome and IE.


thanks . I used Firefox and I went through this step !


I can’t get this to work in any browser. I’ve tried Firefox, IE, and Edge. Most annoying, I was really enjoying myself.


I had the same issue but I switched to using my other browser (Pale Moon) and it worked perfectly fine :slight_smile:


a {
color: #CC0000;
text-decoration: none;

this is the same code that was used in an earlier exercise, and it worked fine in Chrome. This has been going on for quite a while, and I am not seeing a fix other than to work on another browser. That is not a good response. Are we to tell those who come to our websites to just try it in different browsers until it works?

This seems to be a coding issue from exercise 26 on. Since I have completed other programs within code academy on CSS, and not had this issue on Chrome, it is only logical that there is a real bug from this point on, and it is not an issue with the browser.


I have the same problem in Chrome. But the MS Edge allow me to pass the quiz


Second bug to have issues with with Codecademy first was the 15px font which was 10px and insisted it isn’t… now this.

I don’t think it’s fair to have to download a new browser to get through these issues. Plus, tried it on Safari and it’s bogus, doesn’t work. Any one from Codecademy other than Moderators that don’t really have good responses. It’s stalling peoples progress. So annoying!!!

If I am to consider these glitches and choose to pay for a service?.. sad… I wouldn’t dish a cent, unless I am 100% sure this works on all platforms and browsers. Get your bug together !