Text Decoration and Links


I Realize that other people have asked about this lesson and I've tried all the solutions I've seen in other forums and I'm still having problems. It's also not just on this lesson. I tried skipping ahead and now 'm having the same problem on designing a button. If anyone could help that would be great


Which exercise are you stuck on? Could you link it here?
Also, it'd help to see what you've coded so far, and what error you're getting :wink:


@mmrm2003 i wish i could help you but im having the same problem too. try switching browsers (i trried and it didnt do me any good but it might work for you) switching browsers helped me on the last assignment but didnot do any good on this assignment. .....please let me know if you found out what the issue was.


I believe @mmrm2003 is stuck on



sorry I didn't realize your problem before. You should try all possible browsers and if that doesn't work, it might be something with the display settings on your OS or for your browser.


You have a block element (div) inside an inline element (a). This works in HTML 5, but not HTML 4. Thus also only browsers that actually support HTML 5.


During this exercise, you have a block element (div) inside an inline element (a). This only works in HTML 5, not HTML 4. Only browsers that support HTML 5 will be able to run this code. You might want to update your browser


I'm having the same issue - have tried two browsers and triple checked the code - it is correct. How do we move forward if we can't clear this error?


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