Text based game development

i know python3 and a little bit of javascript so i was wondering if could make simple games using my knowledge. i checked out the catalog and found django and flask for python so i was wondering if django or flask can be used to make games. i also found phaser in the catalog which was under the game development section so should i go with phaser or django/flask.

Have you looked into pygame? https://www.pygame.org/news


i checked out pygame seems pretty good. are there any others i should know about btw?

Lua is a popular language for some devs too. You could also look into unity but I wouldn’t consider that simple.

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is lua a completely different language or is it related to python?

I think it’s a scripting language. It is a slow language. You can find more about it here:

I should try pygame too but I failed to install it. I would install it after I finish the Technical Interview Practice with Python.

Why(I don’t know Lua)?

I suspect much like python, it’s easy to write in and embed. Plus it has a built-in following so there are a lot of tutorials and examples to work from.

I don’t know much more than this.

I would first make a virtual environment and then pip3 install pygame within that environment. Or pip if that’s what you use. It’s recommended to use python 3.7 or higher.

I watched a video about virtual environments but it failed.

My Python Interpreter doesn’t recognise pip.

I can’t edit my post now. I have the command line installed as included in my Python 3 interpreter. Is it suitable for game development?

Sorry, I’m not quite sure what you mean by this.

Are you running on windows?

Yes, I am running on windows. I don’t know how to get pip to recognise the command.