Text-Alignment in Ordered/Unordered Lists

Why is it that when using the text-align style in an ordered or unordered list, the numbers(in ordered lists) and dots(in unordered lists) do not align with the current set style;

Sexy background color!

Favorite Football Teams

  1. The Hawthorn Football Club
  2. San Franscisco 49ers
  3. Barcelona FC

Codeacademy i put some inline styles in the three listed items and they not displaying appropriately here though. Refer to my screenshot for the appropriate code/image

there is a css property which controls this:

list-style-position: inside;
list-style-position: outside;

by default, list-style-position is set to outside, if you set it to inside it will align the numbers and bullets along with the list items.

As for your code, read this help topic:

Thanks man, That actually works.

It would be rubbish answer if it didn’t work :wink: You’re welcome