Test for "X"


I'm upto the point where you have to test if the board to see if it has an "X" in that position.
How do you put an "x" in the position if every time you run the code it resets the board.
I guess you could put the prompt in a loop, but it's not asking for that.
Any ideas?


Hello, @bennyp85_51f61d8b52f!
In fact you can't really check if a given position has the "X" value on it on the first run without you modifying something on your board.
If the instructions don't say anything about loops, just check it and move on.

But I believe at the end, when your code is done, you'll be able to check that as many times as you want.


It seems stupid to not be able to get a "green box" telling you that it's correct.
I moved onto the next exercise and it gave me a pass.
You reckon this is a bit of a bug?