Test Driven Development Intensive - gather phase 2 - new entry not posting to root page


I’ve completed 20 of the 21 steps in this project, but I cannot get back in the green for the last one! Here’s a link to the project steps (the actual code is on the user’s own computer):


Here’s my error: 1) clicks submit button sees item rendered: expected 'gather\nAdd new item' to include 'My favorite item' running phantomjs AssertionError: expected 'gather\nAdd new item' to include 'My favorite item' at Context.it (C:\Users\Rebecca\Projects\gather\test\features\user-visits-create-test.js:18:14) at C:\Users\Rebecca\Projects\gather\node_modules\wdio-sync\build\index.js:678:26 at new Promise (<anonymous>) at Context.executeSync (C:\Users\Rebecca\Projects\gather\node_modules\wdio-sync\build\index.js:676:12) at C:\Users\Rebecca\Projects\gather\node_modules\wdio-sync\build\index.js:902:34

My code is at https://github.com/rhoffen/gather, if anyone cares to take a look.

And thanks!