Test Driven Development as a Meme

I just completed the introductory lesson to Test Driven Development concepts on the Full Stack Engineer Career Path and was inspired to make this meme.

Hehe, hope it brightens up your day, if only just a little bit.

As a side note, I think it would be great if the community created and shared code related memes on the forums (in the Off Topic category perhaps). It would be a fun way to tap into learners’ creativity and liven up the forums. It may even aid learners in understanding concepts they learn better. We could even have something like Meme Fridays or Saturdays (or whenevers best), where a mod would start a Meme Thread (topic) and people would make contributions.

It’s just an idea. But hey, I think it would be awesome.

Happy coding.


Nice :sweat_smile: I like the Idea we could call it “Meme on Fridays!”.
A meme a day, keeps the doctor away!
Thanks for sharing.
Happy Coding !

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