"Test Code" button returns error in Javascript Challenges

Hi there!. I’m new here and I got some issues to move on in my progress. I’m currently practicing my skills with Javascript Challenges and, although my code seems to work, I cannot make the “Test Code” to go through successfuly. It always returns "Tests failed to run due to an error: "Looks like your code is not compiling or not being exported with module.exports = statsFinder . Check for a syntax error. “. Check your code and try again.”.

Thanks in advance. My code is the following:
function statsFinder(array) {

// Write your code here

let modeValue

let maxFilteredLength = 0;

let meanValue = array.reduce((accumulator, currentValue) =>{

return accumulator += currentValue

}) / array.length;

for (j = 0; j< array.length; j++) {

const filteredArray = array.filter((element) => {

  return element === array[j]        


if (filteredArray.length > maxFilteredLength) {

maxFilteredLength = filteredArray.length;

modeValue = filteredArray[0];



return [meanValue, modeValue]


console.log(statsFinder([500, 400, 400, 375, 300, 350, 325, 300]))

// Leave this so we can test your code:

module.exports = statsFinder;

One minor thing that doesn’t always – but sometimes throw an error: declare your variables – also in for loops.
I don’t really understand why you are running the iterator in a for loop. That tends to cause warnings.

You’re doing this comparison on each loop:

if (filteredArray.length > maxFilteredLength) {

Is that what you intended?