Terminal stopped working

Im taking a course in python, and my terminal stopped working when trying to install pipenv. I followed the steps, but at the end my terminal just states “no such file or directory found” no matter what I type. Any ideas?
I have written som python on school, so maybe it crashes with former files or settings?

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We’d need a bit more information…like, Mac or Windows? How did you install Python, where did you install it? etc.
There are also many current threads here in the forums that might be useful to you as well.


Im using MacOS, and I installed python a while ago. There is nothing wrong with the python itself. Everything has been working fine, except when I tried to install pipenv. Now my terminal won’t work

-bash: export: `/Users/reidararneen/Library/Python/3.10/bin:PATH’: not a valid identifier

this is stated when I open terminal

Managed to fix it… mb