Terminal Prompt Customisation on macOS

Hello everyone, I was wandering if anyone in the community has some good resources and tips on customising the terminal prompt with some colours and maybe a few aliases, just to try to increase productivity in my workflow. For example having the current (branch_name) displayed and using different colours to easily identify different commands and responses.
Any resources and suggestions are welcome.

I’m guessing you’d be using zsh then? I started with oh-my-zsh which has so many options for z-shell it’ll make your head spin. These days I no longer use it but it has influenced some of my choices. If you want a quick route to it then oh-my-zsh has all the bells and whistles so you can turn them on/off as you please. If you’re curious or have more time then I’ve no specific resources to suggest but the manual itself is decent.

I have only few simple aliases but I think learning how find and grep work (properly) has actually improved parts of my workflow. Some newer tools (often written in rust) are often genuinely useful too (fzf, ripgrep, bat and such).

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Oh my ! That’s great, thanks a lot @tgrtim ! So many theme options, well i’ll dive in the documentation and learn more. Thanks again ! Really appreciate it.

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