Terminal is not working (says bash with a $ sign)

I cant see my programs because it says bash with a $ sign and wont compile my code.

Could you explain a little more, link the lesson or screenshot the issue (perhaps all of those).

It might be a lesson where you are expected to either run or compile and run your code from the command line.

its not a lesson its on all of the lessons, before i used to hit run and my terminal would run the program, now its just stuck on bash command line and wont exicute code.

Yeah not all of them will compile and run automatically with the run button (though they normally say save instead). You will have to do it yourself.

You need to use the right hand terminal to compile and run like the instructions mention (as in type in those commands in the right hand side after clicking it).

I’m sure the instructions for doing this would be on an earlier lesson.