Terminal Game: Tic Tac Toe (I'd appreciate feedback)

This my first programming project. So i really need your review to determine the flaw of this game.


First I would like to say, well done :slight_smile: Must feel good to complete the project :slight_smile:

The board doesn’t scale, if you wanted a 4x4 board, you would have to rewrite huge chunks of code.

A much more common approach is to make your board a multi-dimensional list:

[['-', '-', '-'], ['-', '-', '-'], ['-', '-', '-']]

Then we can have function to generate the board, display the board, to check for wins (using loops).

These improvements allow you to eliminate some of the repetitiveness of your code, and avoid hard-coding numbers

codecademy has a battle ship exercise:


somewhat simpler then Tic Tac Toe, but you could draw inspiration from this project (how to build your board for example)

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That’s a helpful suggestion. Thank you!!