Terminal crashes - Getting started with Rails after codecademy


Hello guys,

After the courses ruby and ruby on rails, I try to use Ruby with the official ruby on rails framework local on my Windows10 Laptop using the Git Bash commando Line. I can create a new App, run the server and thats it, when I try to generate the controller or the model, the Git Bash terminal crashes and I stuck.

I read, that you have to open a second terminal and that's where I stuck and don't find out how to do it. (Yes I tried googling it)

I'm thankful for every help




What did you install to achieve this? Bash is a shell and command language, which we can acces through a terminal. Bash is mostly found on *nix systems, not windows.

Git is just a program.

Did you install the linux subsystem for windows 10?

Because you use a mix of terms which don't go together very well (not your fault, this can be very confusing in the beginning) i can't get a clear picture of how your system is configured.

Another problem is that helping which such problems over a forum is really difficult


Thanks for your response stetim94

Yes you probably right, I guess I'm just using the wrong terminology

Next try:

I got a Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 with windows 10 64. No linux no virtual machine nothing else.

I installed rails: http://railsinstaller.org/en
I followed the detailed instruction here: http://installrails.com/

Then I wanted to follow a long a youtube tutorial like that here (no need to watch it :slight_smile: ): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMai9EZesXY&t=157s

That's how it looks like in the railsinstaller folder

I installed sublime Text editor

I want to start working and the tutorial used git bash:

I was also confused, but honestly I don't know how else to do it.

Then I follow another tutorial that don't show what it uses, I use either the git bash or the command prompt with ruby and rails and then the terminal/ commando line (I'm sorry I don't know the correct name) crashed after creating the new App and starting the server. The turorial says open a new tab/ a new terminal but how?

I learned ruby and ruby on rails here now for so many hours and I would really love to start with it but I can't solve this problem since weeks. So I'm very happy for any idea. Thank you


It seems the ruby on rails installer you used installed git bash. No wonder you got confused.

The guide you followed from installrails should be enough.

Not any change you can show me the crash?

You are going to hate me for this, but if i where to build a rails app, i would seriously use Linux. The rails integration with the command line is so much better

Someone made a good argument here:

Even if you get started on windows with rails, you will very very likely drift towards linux

same argument is roughly made here:


The installer is easy for windows, but after the installation windows quickly becomes a pain, where as linux becomes friendly

good change that this video, uses linux and not windows.


And what else do you I get started then? The guide end with after the installation.

With crash I mean: Git Bash is like dead, I can't give any command nor write anything anymore, like it totally stucked

Then probably the installation of a virtual machine would be best?


after the installation you should simply be able to create models on so on.

if you press ctrl + c (interrupt signal), nothing happens?

yea, i would recommend this.


I'm sorry for such a ridicolous question, but how? What shall I use for this?


like you learned:

rails new MySite
bundle install
rails server
rails generate controller Pages

after the server you might need to press ctrl + c to stop the server. Can you show a screenshot of this commands?

hm... after creating the site you might to change to the right directory


With Git Bash now or what a I supposed to use?

Error: could not locate Gemfile or .bundle directory


I get the same problem with the "Command prompt with ruby and rails"


can you upload a screenshot of the following commands:


ls is for list, which will show all files and directory in the current directory and pwd will show the directory we are currently at



ls is a letter l, which comes after k in the alphabet. its not a number



you navigated to MySite, very good. can you run:

rails server


Try rails server in both /c/Sites and /c/Sites/Mysite

Or did you create Sites with the rails new? i need to know exactly what you did


the command prompt with ruby and rails cant do the command bundle install - can't find the path

but with Git Bash I can run the server and it works on localhost:3000

and then I got the "crash" Git Bash just stops, I can't type in it anymore


That is not a crash, it was in the install guide:

Its not a crash, please tell me this wasn't the problem from the beginning????

I even mentioned the interrupt signal already.

I asked for a screenshot of the crash, if i would have seen this earlier, i could have solved it

But you said: crash, which is misleading. This is not a crash

This must have been in the rail course at certain point?


@tiny_panda did read that part

opening another terminal would be done same way as the current terminal was opened (don't forget to navigate to the directory of the site again)
Sometimes it's just difficult to tell what's going on, everything is new

The server program occupies the terminal because it needs to continue to run in order to serve requests.

Bash won't show another prompt until the previous command finished. Most commands run very quickly, but this one doesn't stop until it's told to stop.

Programs can be run in the background, with output discarded or written to a file. But with a web server during development, one might want to have the output readily available, and perhaps it needs to be restarted occasionally as well.


That was my qustion, That I don't know how to open another window. And even now, it still only works with GitBash and not with the command prompt with ruby and rails or what else I shall use, since you mentioned, that Git Bash is actually not ment to be used on Windows.

I'm very sorry if it might be a waste of time for you but for me it was very helpful, cause you showed me which steps I actually did right and which wrong. So thank you very much!

I'm not sure whether it's mentioned in the course here, since one works here only within the predefined guide of codeacademy.


git bash is made for windows. I don't know what exactly it is (I'm not a windows user) but its purpose is to make up for missing tools on windows

is there anything stopping you from opening another git bash window? "another" suggests one more of the same, not one of another type. so another terminal when you're using git bash would be another git bash instance