Terminal Battleship Game

I too decided to create an OOP terminal battleship game. I utilized all of my knowledge in Python, thus far, to make a 2 player game that is smooth and practical. I attempted to use a build to test method that would allow for unit testing as well.

TIL you can pass a string to the input() function to provide a prompt! Good lesson!

Overall it looks good and makes sense! Your solution was quite different from how I approached making battleships, so it was a good read for me.

If you wanted to work on it more, maybe add some new features, what features do you think would make sense given how you’ve structured the game?

I appreciate that. I had fun with this project. I think, if I did add something, I would try to add some basic colors and sound effects. Those are things I have little experience with.

I hadn’t considered colours tbh, but that’s a great idea to make things more clear. I found this post on stackoverflow that I just tried and seems to work on Windows to add colours:

python - How do I print colored text to the terminal? - Stack Overflow

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