Tensorflow 1.5 install for off-platform

I’m trying to do the off platform project: machine translation

You need tensorflow to run the project as is. Unfortunately tensorflow version 1.6+ requires a computer running OSX 10.12+
My computer, which is a bit older can not update higher than OSX 10.11.6 which would require tensorflow version 1.5 or below.
I’ve read that even if i found 1.5 it may not be compatible with the current version of python and i’d have to downgrade that.

doing pip install tensorflow==1.5 you get an error that it can’t find that version. This seems to be a known issue.

any other options/ways i can finish this project? I was thinking of doing it in the codecademy interface somehow.

Hey there, sorry to see this was never answered. We have a new article detailing how to get set up off-platform for deep learning, which includes instructions for using Google Colab to run your code. Hope that is helpful!