Tennis Ace Challenge Project (Python)

Yup i used it instead to keep each plot as individual plots instead of plt.close

My code

I finish the Tennis Ace
A Codecademy ‘challenging’ project from the Data Science course Machine Learning section, supervised machine learning (linear regression model)

My Project Blog Presentation

My Project Jupyter Notebook Python Code Presentation

I have completed Tennis Ace Challenge Project.
I have learned quite a lot. Thanks Codecademy!
My code is below, which quite similiar to the hints :sweat_smile:

Nice. These defining functions explore my mind~Thanks~

Hi, just a quick Question:
I tried to automate searching for the best variable with this code:

for col in df.columns[1:]:
  features_train, features_test, outcome_train, outcome_test = train_test_split(df[[col]], df[['Winnings']], train_size = 0.8, random_state = 6)
  lin_reg = LinearRegression(), outcome_train)
  print(lin_reg.score(features_test, outcome_test))

does anyone have an idea how to do this for a 2 or n variable linear model?
Would love to get some ideas!

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This is how I did this project. I used .corr() method to find out which features have the strongest relationship with different outcomes. I also plotted those features which have the larger values in correlation matrix against the different outcomes. You can check my code here:

Find my solution here

Hello, here is my solution

Such a good example. Than you so much for sharing it! I learned a lot.


Here is the link to my solution for the Tennis Ace challenge project: GitHub

This was a fun and light project that I found closely corresponds to the lessons.

Any feedback is appreciated.


Hello everyone!

I am uploading my code here. Check it out!

Any feedback will be so appreciated!

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Check out my project for linear regression.
any feedback is much appreciated.

Coding/tennis_stats.ipynb at master · sslack5683/Coding (

Hey everyone! Just finished tennis ace project ! If you want to take a look here is my solution :slight_smile:

Here’s my code! Any feedback is welcome :slight_smile:

Hello everyone!
Here is my code for the Tennis Ace Challenge Project.


Hi everyone :vulcan_salute:

I want to share with you my project of Machine Learning & Tennis :point_down:

I hope you like it :partying_face: