Temperature lesson problem

Hi there,

Having an issue with Challenge: Temperature (Part 2); even though I am typing exactly what is in the hints I get weird outputs -

1)program supposed to ask for temp input in fahrenheit and doesn’t
2) gives answer of -17.7778 degrees celsius every time.

This seems like an error with the lesson.

Edit: definitely a problem with the lesson, just tried with compiler and works. If this is the quality of codecademy lessons will not be upgrading to pro.

We’re equally challenged because we cannot see the problem you are on. Please post the URL from the location bar for that lesson so we can all join in. Thanks.

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hello @williamprebendarcik7 it’s sonny. im one of the authors of the course. sorry to hear that.

can you send a screenshot so we can take a look at ur code and see what’s wrong? thanks.

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