Tell Your Dreams

Tell us what do you want to be over here we would love to hear from you all :grinning: we wold love to know about your dreams


My dream is to become a freelance web developer so that I am able to continue to stay home with my daughter since the times are very uncertain, and I am going to need to have steady income sooner than later.


i wish you the best of luck

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I want to become Data Scientist and work with Codecademy to make it the Best site in the whole wide World.

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Update after 2 months coding: I’m pivoting to Computer Science, I started learning Python, and it really interests me!


Dunno if you mean my real-life bed dreams, or my passion. I’ll give u both:

My real-life bed dreams are pretty stupid. They usually involve me riding a ghost in Pacman, or being a ball in Atari Breakout. Imma fan of old classical games.

My passion is to finally start writing. I have tried to start writing multiple times, signed up for several writing programs, but nothing’s worked so far. Any writing tips would be welcome.

Coding is not my dream, it is my life :grin:

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Well that sounds like fun :laughing:
I usually dream that I have Spider-Man powers and I can swing from building to building, or that I help the Avengers with some important mission lol.

There’s this Youtuber called Abbie Emmons, she basically taught me (and keeps teaching me) most of the things I know about writing. (Also I’ve loved making stories since…like, forever lol). So yeah, I’d recommend you check her out, she’s amazing :wink:


First of all, I like love this discussion. And I’ve always wanted to do something STEM related.

Thanks, I’ll check the link out. I have quite a few ideas that I have been meaning to get on paper, but most of them are very complex. Is the name “Self-Publishing school” familiar to you. It pops up quite often in my search results, and I am not sure whether it is any good or not.

Thanks in advance


Yeah, I’ve heard of it. And actually, Abbie talks a lot about it (she self-published her first novel). But to be honest, I haven’t really watched any of her videos on that (I don’t want to think about publishing yet, I just wanna have fun writing).

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I wanna become successful enough in freelancing, so I could quit my routine job.


Learning coding has been a great way to boost my confidence in learning in general. It’s by no means easy, but discovering and figuring out concepts that seemed impossible at times. If you want to write, do it. Sometimes I close all my blinds and be alone with coding for a while, and I always feel great afterward, or better at least!

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May you all Succeeed Guys you guys are very inspirational to me !!!

It’s very vague at the moment, but I would like to use machine learning to run simulations on possible revolutionary inventions. Also, to be free, as I’ve always hated the 9-5 routine.

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how do you plan to do ML on upcoming technology without the 9-5?

My dream is to truly make a living for myself. The ideal would be working in an artificial intelligence sector of a large company, or maybe even make my own business! All I know is that I want to earn enough to make sure that my future kids will never have to worry about things like college tuition or face any other money-related struggles that I did. Yeah, that’s it :yellow_heart: :v:


My dream is to learn enough coding to be able to make a living from home! :slight_smile: I really enjoy programming, it such a fun and rewarding hobby! I hope to be able to develop my own games, but I would also love to develop apps and websites. I have severe social anxiety, so it’s very difficult for me to hold a full-time job outside in the real world. I’m working hard to achieve my dream! :slight_smile: Good luck to everyone!


I wouldn’t say without the 9-5, but I would like the freedom to work on projects without time constraints. Like choose my own schedule.


how are you going to achieve that?