Technical Issues with CodeAcademy?

sorry, couldn’t figure out where to ask this so im asking here. Is there an issue with some of the courses at the moment?When i try to start Java, Angular JS or a couple others it states there are too many people using it java only shows 60k+ enrolled vs the 100k+ in Angular JS. Also is there some way of estimating when it might be available? Kinda halting my self learning through codeacademy at the moment. On a side note, would going pro guarantee me entry into these course even though they are showing full?

You tried this @hunterst89?

Yeah but when i click start it just says “connecting to codeacademy” for a few seconds and then says its full.Happens the same way on Angular JS

i guess i can always find some other site to learn it from but i kinda enjoyed the codeacademy style…

What browser are you using @hunterst89?

If you haven’t once been able to get on, but see that error every time, it means that some of our sites are blocked on your firewall/proxy.

Please whitelist these URLs and you should be good to go:

That should do it! If it doesn’t, please let us know.

Thank you very much for the help. I will try that here in a bit and see. Here’s hoping it works :slight_smile: , just completed my javascript course and am looking forward to learning more.

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