Technical Issue



This isn't a question about code, but I don't know where to go for tech support. I'm trying to complete an exercise, but something seems to be broken, the screen to the right won't load my code's output, and when I try to move to the next exercise, all I get is the little "loading" gear. How do I get my myself unstuck?


Try refreshing the page/browser.

If that doesn't work, post your code, as you may have an infinite loop. :slight_smile:


PHP exercises time out when there is an error in the code. This happens alot since the auto refresh is running all the time.

Go to a previous exercise to get unstuck (use the left side navigation). Proceed to the exercise in question. Add this line just above the working area:

    <?php else ?>

This will raise a parsing error and disable the auto refresh. Write all your code and when ready to save and submit, remove the above line.