Technical Issue


I click on the 'Save and Submit Code'. It says "Way to go!" But my output is not displayed in the output window. Please help.

Not to mention I have to constantly refresh the page.


Without any line of code we didnt can help you.



This is a screenshot. I have not typed in any code yet. There is already an error showing in the output window.


line 16 and 17 replace the underscore with 3 and 4


I understand I have to make changes to the code. But this error is displayed even before I hit the 'Save and Submit Code' button. I keep getting a pop-up window that displays an error. I have refresh the page due to these errors. Makes for a very frustrating learning experience. I have done the HTML and CSS course here and these issues were not present for those.


I'm having the same issues, I began to do the exercices in a txt and the paste it in the website.


Hi, I had same issues with the constant error messages and having to refresh. I was working in Firefox at the time. I have switched to using Chrome now and the problem seems to have stopped (so far so good). So if you have access to Chrome or another OS try seeing if they work better. :grinning:


umm... Control Flow: Switch - Lesson 1 says to use "elseif" but elseif has never been introduced before this point... am i missing something?


"elseif" statements are almost the same thing as "if" statements, but if statements are run first. "Else" statements will always be displayed if the "if" statement is returning false. "Else If" will only be run if its requirements are met.