Technical interview preparation

Hello every one .I am preparing for fresher Devops / Python developer .I have to prepare on SQL , Basic linux , Bash and Python .I have started working on python and start revising other skills .Regarding python i am confused how i shall prepare for data structure and algorithms .I have search many text on web but need really good advise .I want to show some basic projects in python and i want to be prepare from technical point of view too.Regarding SQL ,Basic linux and Basic bash i do not have to build up stuff so i am just revising and solving problems in it .My questions are

How do i carry my preparation interview oriented?
2.Although this will be for fresher position so how much I may learnt to get sure i am ready for interview?

How to organise notes as i keep forget coding stuff very often?
4.Which data structure and algorithms i must prepare ?

Any problem solving material on python recommended for that ?

Any body having interview experience please comment on it .

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Hello @guchuuu, I know I’m late to the party. But wanted to add my answer as others might find it useful.

I’ve failed technical interviews before and here is what I learned:

After learning basics on work on some projects. Also start practicing coding interview questions on platforms such as

Learn about system design and also participate in discussions happening on quora.

Hope it helps :slight_smile: