Tech stack for Data Science

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just a quick question.
Maybe some of you want to share what tech stack they´re working with in Data Science?
Means which storage, language, rdbms, frontend, vizualiziation.
I think there are so many possible combinations, aren´t they?

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First learn python once you are done with python then you can move on to learning the basic maths you need to move further in the field of data science. Linear algebra, Statistics and Probability are three mains topic you have to learn. Once you done with this you can move forward and learn about different libraries in the python to start shorting and visualising the data. Learn lib like numphy pandas and matplot lib. Once you are done with these 3 move forward and learn about keras and tensor flow after these more complex topics are there but I think learning the above topics and mastering then can easily take you 1 year so complete them first @css4169805706 .

Certainly! Data science tech stacks can vary depending on the specific project and requirements.